Week 5 reflections

The accent lies on depths, hidden forces, subconscious promptings and heightened intuition, not only this week but in the few to come. Lie low, rest, ponder, seek spirit, be charitable. I designed it so that I could use a co-teach model which I thought would most benefit her. How is artwork returned.

At the state level, artwork is returned at a state board meeting to a region director. The significance of an anthropological way of reading the Bible, and the shape of our salvation in Jesus Christ, can be summed up with a quote from acclaimed biblical scholar Walter Wink If you want to get something done, act early.

Do chores, buy OTC drugs, dress and eat sensibly. If this sounds overwhelming, we can walk you through the process. When is the consent form required.

Derges work is far more sophisticated than my simple cyanotypes, but it has shown me there are perhaps possibilities of which I was not aware and had therefore not considered. Can students use Legos in their 3D art or Film entries. Artwork that competed at the region level, but did not advance to state, should be returned by the end of the school year in which the competition took place.

Drop in for a class any time. Einerson, sample prayers from Prayers of the People: The group of GT students were provided with choice and the opportunity to present their final projects to an audience of younger grade levels. John and I have made very good progress in our own game.

Perhaps this is another journey with no final destination, but rather one of exploration, discovery, experimentation and reflection. After that, I will be able to summarize and draw conclusions. My plan for moving forward is that i might start with the Oculus rift and create my own personilized room of the civil war explaining what it was like to live back then.

The other benefit to attending the conferences is that you realize some other students are also struggling with certain items and we are able to help each other out via the chat feature of the presentation.

Your mental, intellectual, cultural, legal, far travel and similar interests soar — with good fortune. On the other hand, I was fascinated by the work of Susan Derges. There is some flexibility here. Principles of universal design for learning. How do students turn in their films, dance, and music submissions.

Well for starters i am working with Project Spark. You might meet someone gracious and captivating; sparks might fly.

Know the cost of items and actions. Reflections is a PTA program. Be ambitious, but start nothing new. What is your plan for moving forward next steps and big plan. Not a good time before Dec. Center for Liturgy, St Louis University. Providing professional development and on going support is key in ensuring that implementation of these 21st century tools will continue.

It offers elements for a New Reformation, ongoing within our secular post-Christendom world. However, other people may appear in the artwork of a student such as performing in a dance or acting in a film.

Iowa: Week 5 Reflections

The main accent lies on career, worldly standing, prestige relations and your reputation. Root problem is fuzzy thinking.


I am currently analyzing the data and putting the data into graphical form for clarity. Google Apps was also a very big part of creating this lesson. Be ambitious, short of starting a new task, project. I was able to provide students who needed it a text-to-speech app, a braille keyboard, headphones with adjustable volumes, and audio books.

Week 5 – Reflections on One to One Tutorial

That said, this week and the month ahead, and, good-luck-wise, the whole year ahead focuses on far travel, international affairs, intellectual, legal, cultural, publishing concerns, and love. Also we would like to go on with our story line. It’s been a cool, we t week here in Lindsay, CA. The clouds moved in and they just never really went away.

California has been in a drought for as long as I can remember! Running head: WEEK 5 REFLECTION ASSIGNMENT 1 Week 5 Reflection Assignment Jennifer Nall Lamar University 2.

The name of the course, Instructional Leadership, led me to believe that I would be learning about best instructional practices and the role and responsibility the principal has as the campus instructional leader.

Welcome! Musical Reflections was founded in by therapeutic harpist, Tami Briggs.

California: Week 5 Reflections

The company’s mission is to provide products and services to enhance and support the healing journey. I keep a monthly tracker in my bullet journal. It’s a visual representation of daily goals I am consistent with through, mainly concerning health, exercise, and productivity.

I’m a fan of the pen and paper method, as the tactile expression Read More. Week 5 Reflections This week was the final week of the course. It helped me to piece everything together and see the big picture; taking what I had learned through the development of the course project, lesson plan creation, and the implementation of technology.

End of week reflections After procastinating for five weeks, here's my first "reflective" blog. Just like my fellow PGCE trainees I have come to really hate that word 'reflection', mostly because it .

Week 5 reflections
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Girardian Reflections on the Lectionary